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Radio Inter

A historic radio station launched to the future.

"Radio Inter" was born in Madrid in the 50s, and since spring 2009 belongs to Intereconomía Group. With emission in Madrid, it´s contents are based in current magazines where talk shows and gatherings take on highly relevance.

Counting with a share that exceeds 5% in Madrid, percentage that is nearly double in Madrid city, it´s majority audience comprises men and women 30 years and older, inconditional gatherings lovers. In a study done between April and May 2009 in Madrid and Toledo,"Radio Inter" gets as audience time of seven minutes per day, close to a 7% of share in Madrid, while in Toledo exceeds 4%.

In Madrid "Radio Inter" is known for about 70% of the population.

It makes an evidence the high audience during noon and afternoon. The share in that time slot exceeds 10%. The audience share, the GRP´s global of "Radio Inter", gets close to 300.000 radio listeners. Being a medium-wave station and throughout it´s area of distribution, the amount of radio listeners should be increased further.

"Radio Inter" has a large number of followers, responding with high fidelity to the good programming that offers the radio station. Moreover, those over 50 years, that are the main followers of the station, increasingly extend their viewing time, and are faithful to the media. Undoubtedly, advertising aimed at this target, can find in "Radio Inter" the best answer.

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