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A weekly publication of values and family

In the last few years 'Alba' has consolidated in the Spanish kiosks as the only weekly publication that tackles the diverse aspects of current events nowadays from the perspective of values and family. An editorial line in which it continues to bet on in its new stage, started in 2007, which intensifies the family subject matter and the positive approach of the information. Specialization is an advertising value that differs the weekly publication and it transforms it into a vehicle without competition for advertisers whose 'defined target' is the family group.

A new more readable and visual design

New layout, new combination, new distribution of contents… In their new stage, 'ALBA' has become a much more readable and more current newspaper that preserves all that which has transformed it into a unique weekly publication in the kiosks: the best information about present time from a family and Catholic perspective. The only weekly newspaper which tackles the diverse aspects of current events from the family point of views.

A wide coverage of present time news

Week by week, 'Alba' pays attention to the issues of current affairs in the most diverse fields: economy, culture, education, society, communication, leisure and free time… Information committed to family values and elaborated by prestigious professionals: Rafael Miner (Director), Sonsoles Calavera, Gonzalo Altozano, Iván de Vargas, Carlos Esteban, Kiko Méndez-Monasterio…

A faithful and well defined reader

More than 100.000 people read 'Alba' weekly (EGM). Middle and middle-upper class readers, interested in general current events, with a formed opinion and with familiar consumer habits. They are also fully identified with the editorial line of the weekly publication, which reverts in a high degree of trust also towards the publicity inserted in its pages.

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