"Epoca" magazine, is now distributed each sunday with "La Gaceta". "Epoca" keeps the tension and fighting spirit informative as ever, but it also addes new entertainment content and a dash of hedonism that give it a relaxed feel for the weekend. This is the exciting proposal for the new "Epoca" which is now approaching the 320,000 readers.

We maintain a historic seat of Spanish journalism, with nearly 25 years of existence, but with a new modern design and much more graphic presence.

We maintain a strong and rigorous editorial. We remain guided by the spirit of complaint to the wire now, with extensive reports and interviews, but many recommendations designed to introduce leisure: culture, travel and gastronomy.

As always we have important groups of opinion like Aleix Vidal-Quadras, Antonio Martín Beaumont, Esther Jaén, Pablo Castellano, etc.

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