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"La Gaceta" is a daily economic newspaper printed from Monday to Saturday; it also provides up-to-date 24/7 news through its two web pages: and "La Gaceta" will be soon be transformed into a general information daily newspaper published seven days a week.

"La Gaceta" is a non partisan paper independent from any ideological, economic and social organisation, political party or religious institution. "La Gaceta" is firmly committed with defence of human life, free initiative, private property, free market and economic and political systems expressed in a state based on the rule of law.

"La Gaceta" wishes to contribute towards a better organisation of society in which no person or Group could be felt left out. To that aim it will make known different economic and social initiatives particularly those concerned with solidarity. "La Gaceta" considers traditional family as the backbone of society, it will also promote and support initiatives that protect family, freedom of education, and institutions involved in child and youth defence.

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