Outside of a radio studio

Microphones of a radio studio

Radio Intereconomía

The formula

The economic and financial information in the forefront, is combined with general information (politics, cultural, social…) and other entertainment contents.

Specialized Contents

Intereconomia Radio pays special attention to the financial Market information from all over the world in real time, as well as to other contents dedicated to businessmen, executives, self-employed professionals, etc.

The main characters of the news

These are people from the economic and political scenario of Spain and the world. Regularly, many businessmen, high executives, experts in the economic field and other opinion leaders participate live.

The hightest valuation

A survey carried out by Sigma 2 reveals that 66% of those interviewed considers that Intereconomia Radio has the best Stock Market contents in Spanish radio.


The programming of Radio Intereconomía is divided in four blocks: Economy and Business, Politics and current events, Culture and lifestyle, and Music.


The listener of Intereconomia Radio is an urban individual, mainly investors, that develop their activity in the business and company environments. Our audience are Internet and new technologies users. As investor and buyer, our public dedicates towards savings and investment an important part of their revenues and accepts risk and new products. (Source EGM, Sigma2 and Nielsen).